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  Date: Sunday, December 03, 2017     Duration: 39 mins 5 secs    
Passage: Luke 2:8-14 & John 12:32    
  Description: Christmas began with the use of Light. Christmas continues with a message about Light. Light is always more powerful than darkness.
  Date: Sunday, November 26, 2017     Duration: 43 mins 19 secs    
Passage: Psalms 103:19-22 & Psalms 86:8-10    
  Description: The Lord is Great and He does wondrous things The Lord is Great and His greatness is unsearchable The Lord is Great and the greatness of God is available to you The Lord is Great and a mighty revival lies ahead of us
  Date: Sunday, November 19, 2017     Duration: 37 mins 43 secs    
Passage: Psalms 103:1-5    
  Description: God's Praise will forever be in my mouth. God pardons your sin. God provided for your redemption. God promises to renew your strength.
  Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017       Teacher: Pastor Jim Urie     Duration: 38 mins 13 secs    
Passage: Psalms 103:1-2    
  Description: How Do We Bless God? What does Holy mean? How can we forget God? what are the Benefits?
  Date: Sunday, November 05, 2017       Teacher: Pastor Steve Chavez     Duration: 29 mins 2 secs    
  Description: The Danger of Loving the World. Lusting after the World is lethal to your growth. Surrendering to the world will cause you to Lose.
  Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017       Teacher: Pastor Steve Chavez     Duration: 31 mins 54 secs    
Passage: Ecclesiastes 3:7 & Romans 8:20-21    
  Description: The Perplexing Maze of Life The Pleasant Rewards of Life The Profound Responsibilities of Life 4 Proposition by Which you Can Live God is Good, so live life joyfully God is Sovereign, so live life confidently God is Great, so live life humbly God is just, so live life reverently
  Date: Sunday, October 15, 2017       Teacher: Pastor Jonathan Lewis     Duration: 41 mins 40 secs    
  Description: Scripture Prayer Christ Community Conscience
  Date: Sunday, October 15, 2017       Teacher: Pastor Jonathan Lewis    
  Description: Scripture Prayer Christ Community Conscience
  Date: Sunday, October 08, 2017     Duration: 37 mins 23 secs    
Passage: Ecclesiastes 3:1-5 & Luke 17:11    
  Description: Embrace that Jesus is coming your way Embrace that Jesus really does want to heal you Embrace that His mercy is for you You can Embrace Jesus with Perseverance Embrace a life of gratitude
  Date: Sunday, October 01, 2017     Duration: 35 mins 37 secs    
  Description: You are commanded to Rejoice You are encouraged to Relax You are wise to Rest You are strengthened by God's peace You are challenged to live a life of Joy


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