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May 21, 2020

Dear Church Family,

In my thirty plus years as a pastor, I never thought the day would come when, as a Church, we would need to cancel church services for such an extended length. But the faith we share is a contagious faith! Like a “good” virus, it spreads from people to people and we have had incredible responses from our online services! Even though the doors to 2000 Troy Ave. have been closed, the Gospel message has still gone forth with much passion and authority.

How can we keep our faith strong during times like this? Do not be afraid! We must remember that throughout history, God has never abandoned His people:

  • When the Jewish people were enslaved in Egypt – God rescued them.
  • When Israel was devastated by Babylon with Jerusalem & the temple destroyed & the people exiled in a foreign country – God never           abandoned them. 
  • At the cross, when all seemed lost, Jesus died – but three days later he rose from the dead!
  • When the disciples were ridiculed, tortured & put to death – a new Church was being born on the faith of those early martyrs. 
  • Throughout our history, the Church has survived persecution, disease, famine & abuse. 

God is with us! Do not be afraid. You are not alone. We are all in this together!

Pastor Jonathan has put together the congregational survey accompanying this letter. Please read and complete it promptly as your feedback is crucial. We are looking forward to hearing from you regarding your comfort levels and concerns when it comes to “reopening the church”.

It is my desire for us to get back to our “normal schedule” but I also choose to move carefully and methodically during this time of such uncertainty. I realize that people see this issue differently. Some have expressed a desire to open the doors of the church immediately while others have walked with much more caution. Please know that we are taking the necessary steps in moving the church forward. I am in constant contact with Assembly of God leadership, state & local government authorities and other church leaders in our region.

And while we are not opening our doors for services at this time, our pastoral staff is here to assist you and we will continue to do our very best to meet the needs of our great community. It is our pleasure to serve you always, but especially under these challenging circumstances.

Please use this time to draw close to Jesus in prayer, silence, reflection and meditation. If you have children, please pray with them and exercise patience. All of this isolation and social distancing will pass and we can become better, stronger and more faithful if we use this time to grow closer to God. 

We are never alone – The Lord is walking before us! God will never abandon us. Do not be afraid.

Hope grows here!

Pastor Steve
Lead Pastor