Sep 2, 2020
Missionary Linda Scholtz
Series: The Well
"9.2.20 Linda Scholtz".
  • Sep 2, 2020Missionary Linda Scholtz
    Sep 2, 2020
    Missionary Linda Scholtz
    Series: The Well
    "9.2.20 Linda Scholtz".
  • Aug 26, 2020Nick Ohrdorf
    Aug 26, 2020
    Nick Ohrdorf
    Series: The Well
    Mark 8:27-30
  • Aug 23, 2020Our Reliance must be on God
    Aug 23, 2020
    Our Reliance must be on God
    Series: Consecration
    Joshua 3:1-6
    1. Our reliance must be on God.
    2. Leaders must see and lead.
    3. A fresh move of the Holy Spirit is desperately needed.
    4. Be careful to not get in front of God.
  • Aug 16, 2020Consecration and the Believer
    Aug 16, 2020
    Consecration and the Believer
    Series: Consecration
    Romans 12:1-2
    1. Full consecration involves the Salvation of our God
    2. Full consecration calls for the presentation of our bodies
    3. Full consecration demands the dedication of our lives
    4. Full consecration requires the renovation of our minds
    5. Full consecration results in the transformation of our whole being
  • Jul 5, 2020The Most Excellent Way – Love Not Hate
    Jul 5, 2020
    The Most Excellent Way – Love Not Hate
    1 Corinthians 12:24 - The Body of Christ - our differences brings us together
    1 Corinthians 13 - Let me show you the most Excellence Way
    This crazy idea as Love as the Center.  Paul writes his letter to the church struggling to know what to do with thie differences?
    Start by recognizing the differences.
    How are you doing with being patient with those who disagree with you on social media?  Those who vote differently than you?
    1. Love at the Center
    2. Love on the Move
    3. Love never Fails
    Sometimes we simply choose hate over love
    Follow the way of Love - 1 Corinthians 14
  • Mar 22, 2020The Secret Place
    Mar 22, 2020
    The Secret Place
    There is a secret place for you - Psalm 91:1
    You can enter that sacred place - Psalm 91:1
    There is rest for you in the safest place - Psalm 91:1-2, 91:5
    God secures you in an invincible place - Psalm 91:2
  • Mar 10, 2019Spiritual Warfare Exposed
    Mar 10, 2019
    Spiritual Warfare Exposed
  • Jan 8, 2019Revitalizing the church by an outward focus
    Jan 8, 2019
    Revitalizing the church by an outward focus
    Series: Re-Focus
    The church is called to give God glory
    Prayer must become more vital in God's house
    We must have a genuine move of the Holy Spirit
  • Dec 10, 2018Make Room for Compassion
    Dec 10, 2018
    Make Room for Compassion
    1. Cultivate a heart of compassion.  Matthew 1:18
    2. Learn to listen to God's Voice.  Matthew 1:20-21
    3. Follow God's lead.  Matthew 1:24-25
  • Oct 7, 2018The Ghost
    Oct 7, 2018
    The Ghost
    Revelation 3:12-22